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Name : Juraj

Birthday : 5.9.1989          Nick :Methat                                                                                         

  Obrazek                  ICQ :  382745104    

City : Čadca - Slovakia                                        

Function : Leader

Best Maps : Torlan, Face Classic, Rankin

Best Weapons : All :-)

Best Vehicles : All :-)

Best Games : Unreal Tournament 2004, Max Payne(1,2), Mafia, Hitman 2, Deus Ex, Half Life, GTA Vice City, Enter the Matrix, Freedom Fighters, The Suffering, Splinter Cell, NFS:Underground, Fallout 2, Might and Magic(6,7,8,9), Planescape Torment, Arx Fatalis,Gothic(1,2), Diablo 2, Age of Mythology, Sacrifice, Warcraft 3

Favourite Drinks : Milk, Tea

Favourite Food : Omelete, Pizza

Favourite Films : Lord of The Rings(1,2,3), Matrix(1,2,3), Chronicle of the Riddick, Devil´s Advocate, The Green Mile, Gladiator,

Favourite Music : Metal, Rock, R´n´B

PC : 

CPU Intel Conroe Core2 Duo E6600 2,4GHz/ 4MB/ 1066MHz/ LGA775, 

MB Gigabyte 965P-DS3 775, i965 Exp, D.DDR2, SATA2/RAID, GL

VGA Leadtek Winfast PX8800GTS 640MB DDR3 (320bit), PCI-E

 RAM GEIL 2x1GB DDR2 PC800 (GX22GB6400DC) *RED


Name : David

Birthday : 20.12.1986      Nick : Beaver

  Obrazek                  ICQ : 206830490

City : Hranice na Moravě - Czech Republic

Function : Co - Leader

Best Maps : Artic Stronghold & Torlan

Best Weapons : Sniper, Shock Riffle, Flack

Best Vehicles : Manta then Tank

Best Games : UT, Dota

Favourite Drinks : Not have one

Favourite Food : Pizza

Favourite Films : Gladiator, Matrix

Favourite Music : Middle stream

PC : IBM ThinkPad R60: Intel Core 2 Duo Procesor T5600 (1.8GHz), Genuine Windows XP Professional (Windows Vista capable), 1024MB, 100GB (5400 ot./min) SATA, ATI X1400 128MB VRAM, 15" SXGA+ TFT, Multi-Burner DVD-RW/CD-RW Dual layer, cestovní hmotnost 2,65kg


Name : John

Birthday : 26.5.1989        Nick : Heroes

Obrazek                    ICQ: 263657082

City : Kopřivnice - Czech Republic

Function : Member

Best Maps : Torlan :P

Best Weapons : Flak cannon

Best Vehicles : Raptor, manta :-)

Best Games : UT :)) , DOTA,Disciples I-II,Heroes III

Favourite Drinks : Tonic

Favourite Food : All :P

Favourite Films : Horrors

Favourite Music : U2, ColdPlay...

PC : Athlon 2800 XP, Ram 1024Mb, Ati Radeon 9600Pro , HDD 240GB


Name : Mirek

Birthday : 10.8.1990        Nick : Pilarius

Obrazek                    ICQ : 196240140

City : Pardubice - Czech republic

Function : Member

Best Maps : ONS-FrostBite, CTF-Citadel

Best Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Bio Rifle

Best Vehicles : Raptor, Paladin

Best Games : UT2004, Lineage2

Favourite Drinks : Cacao, water

Favourite Food : Crisps with spiced chicken meat

Favourite Films : Stargate, Alien, Lord of the Rings

Favourite Music : Techno, house

PC : Intel Core2Duo E6400, 2GB RAM, GF7300GT


Name : Michal 

Birthday : 17.6.1987         Nick : .MIA           

Obrazek                 ICQ : 296524451

City : Zábřeh - Czech Republic                  

Function : Kicker of asses (:

Best Maps : FrostBite, Artic, Reaven

Best Weapons : Lighting gun, Bio rifle, Rocket launcher, Flak Cannon

Best Vehicles : Manta, Goliath, Raptor(Cicada SUX!) 

Best Games : UT 2k4 4Ever!

Favourite Drinks : Tea, Buttermilk

Favourite Food : Pancakes, very big hunk of a meat in every form

Favourite Films : Cars, Fearless, Hero, Chronicles of Riddick, King Kong(new), Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of War, Lost(serial), New Police Story, Taegukgi - The Brotherhood of War, The Incredibles, The Island, The Transporter (1,2), War of the Worlds, X-men, 3-Iron, Dirty Dozen, Equilibrium, Man on Fire, Minority Report, Nacho Libre, Ong Bak, Sahara, The Last Samurai, The Terminal, Tristan and Isolde and many more...   

Favourite Music : Pop, rock, r n b - everything with non-traditional high-pitched tone  

PC : Case: Lian-Li PC-7+ Zdroj: Chill 400W + AC fan 1500 RPM MB: MSI Neo-F (i945) CPU: Pentium D 920 + Thermalright Ultra-120 + Noctua 1200 RPM Memory: Kingston 1GB 667MHz 4-4-4-8 HDD: Samsung SP2504C 250GB 8MB GPU: nVidia 7600GT Zvukovka: Creative Audigy Fany: intake 1500 RPM, outtake 2100 RPM Monitor: 19" CRT LG Flatron 995FT+ Klávesnice: Zboard Herní ovladač: Zboard Fang Myš: Logitech G5 Sluchátka: Sennheiser HD 595


Name : Matej

Birthday : 14.4.1988         Nick : Streamline

Obrazek                     ICQ : 320248311

City : Čadca - Slovakia

Function : Team manager and Webmaster

Game : I´m playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 .)

Best Games : Pro Evolution Soccer(4,6), Broken Sword(1,2), Max Payne(1,2), Return to castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor,Hidden and Dangerous, Mafia, No one lives forever 2, Hitman 2, Deus Ex, Half Life, GTA Vice City, Freedom Fighters, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament 2004, Might and Magic(6,7,8), Fallout 2, Planescape Torment, Baldur´s Gate 2, Arx Fatalis, Gothic, Disciples 2, Desperados

Favourite Drinks : Capuccino, Cacao, Milk

Favourite Food : Omelete, Pizza, Kung Pao, Grill´s chicken ,

Favourite Films : Green Mile, Lord of the rings, The Others, The Ring, Armageddon...

Favourite Music : Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aquilera, Kelly Clarkson, R.Kelly, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, System of a Down...

PC : Same like Methat :-)